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Here’s what artistic directors and dance magazines are saying about Jamie Narushchen’s CDs:

"If you're looking to improve students' musicality, this 28-track CD from San Francisco Ballet accompanist Jamie Narushchen is an ideal pick. With textured rhythms and rich dynamics, Narushchen's accompaniment makes it easy for your students to listen to the music to stay on time. And listening is a pleasure--these variations on film score themes are colorful and full. New layers and harmonies are audible each time the adagio for center work (“My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic) plays. Students will love waltzing to “Chim Chim Cheree,” from Mary Poppins and grand-jetéing to “My Favorite Things,” from The Sound of Music. And the CD has something for adult dancers too: “Stairway to Paradise,” from An American in Paris, for a jazzy grand battement exercise, and “Maple Leaf Rag,” from The Sting, for petit allegro." --Dance Teacher magazine, January 2012

“If you want to keep your students excited about ballet, it’s imperative you find a CD that’s unique, inspiring, and full of spirit—a CD like Narushchen Sunrise.” --Dancer Magazine, December 2009

Excellent. A big choice of different tempos. Wonderful playing. Jamie used to play for me at SFB. I've missed him. At least I can have his CD. -- Gloria Govrin, Artistic Director, Eastern Connecticut Ballet

"Music to me as a dancer and teacher is SO incredibly important and I am always so happy to have such beautiful and inspired music and melodies in hopes of inspiring my students to really "listen", "appreciate" and start to dance with the music and not just "to counts!" I think this CD is really wonderful and I love having so many different selections and tempos to work with in class! Thank you Jamie for "Narushchen Sunrise" (and also "After Hours!" I love this one as well!) and I look forward to your next one!!!!!" -- Lesli Wiesner, Former Dancer/Ballet Teacher in Switzerland

"Absolutely Sensational! Jamie's music is so inspirational I make a point to attend the dance classes he is playing for. His music redefines the possibilities for dance,the piano and his artistry. I highly recommend this latest CD. A Winner!" -- Carole Shattil, Student/SF Dance Center

This CD offers great contemporary music for intermediate and advanced ballet class - light, rhythmic and musical. I highly recommend it!!-- Richard Cammack, Artistic Director, Contra Costa Ballet

I love this CD. It is a very useful tool in class and is very well crafted. I want to see more!
--Galina Alexandrova, Artistic Director, City Ballet School (San Francisco)

This is a wonderful class CD. Would love more from Mr. Narushchen. Jamie thank you for letting me know about CD Baby - I love it!-- Debra Rogo, Artistic Director, Mid-Columbia Ballet

"Narushchen has assembled authoritative and inspiring selections from the great story ballets by Prokofiev, Delibes, Glazunov, and more in a format friendly to both teachers and balletomanes."
--Dance Magazine February 2007

"Celebrate the 30th anniversary of a classic ballet flick by turning up the volume on The reTurning Point!"
--Dance Spirit Magazine April 2007